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Our first Web site (1998), featured Roman coins (later, American gold coins). Yankee Doodle Coins explores early American coins and currency. The name "Yankee Doodle Coins" was inspired by "Private Yankee Doodle", by Joseph Plumb Martin, a Private during the American War for Independence, and by "In Yankee Doodle's Pocket", a history of early American coins and currency.

Coin Collectors have collected early American coins and currency since the 1850's. Early American coins (also called "Colonial Coins"), were made before and after the British Colonial era in America. The coins and currency of early America document the history of the fledgling economy they fueled.

Enjoy your visit, however, no early American coins or early American currency are presently on sale.

CURRENCY: Continental Congress

CURRENCY: Printed by Paul Revere

Franklin's Libertas Americana Medal

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